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Bridal Shower Memories

Bridal Shower Memories
by Sandra Bark

From first date to first kiss to that one fine day--this lovely journal will be the star of the bridal shower and the bride's closest confidante until her wedding. Traditionally, the shower brings together a woman's closest friends and her family--everyone from her second grade best friend to her mother-in-law-to-be. Now, for the first time, here is a bridal shower book that invites all of her loved ones to share memories and well-wishes, and encourages the bride to keep a personal diary during this exciting time. Not just another "how to" book, this journal will entertain guests during the shower, record the where and when of the couple's meeting and betrothal, and be a treasured keepsake for the bride to enjoy up to her golden anniversary. With sections for friends and family to share funny memories and loving notes of encouragement, this book documents life before the engagement, and also provides a place to record hopes for the future. Both useful and sentimental, the journal also features a shower guest sign-in section, with room to note gifts and addresses to make writing thank-you notes easier. A section at the end is reserved for the bride to use as a personal journal during the weeks between the shower and the wedding. Elegant friendship illustrations and inspirational aphorisms about love and marriage make this book a cherished keepsake that brides will enjoy time and time again.














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